Jali Furniture

This Jali furniture collection is made with sheesham wood in a traditional Indian style, and includes the distinctive hand-forged metal portcullis detailing ironwork.

The Jali range of furniture is a rich golden brown grain of the sheesham wood, with its characteristic darker streaks, are enhanced by the hand waxed  finish,  the overall effect is of a lighter, more natural feel and finish than other ranges of its type.

As with all wooden furniture some allowance has to be given for the material it has been made from, and by nature have different grains, patterns and colouring, all timber is fully seasoned, but you can expect to see knots & shakes as this is a natural product,  this in no way detracts from the appearance of this beautiful furniture, but shows you have bought an item from solid wood.

This extensive range has both practical and unusual pieces that are all stunning either alone or as a collection. There truly is something for any room in your home.